A payments company comprising a team of co-founders from Integral Ad Science. Amino uses blockchain technology to provide transparency into the media supply chain to eliminates discrepancies & inefficiencies using a digital ledger. Amino leverages this technology to create accurate reporting and offer a solution for payment processing.

Basket is a platform enables shoppers the ability to own their purchase data and monetize it for themselves to advertisers and marketers.  This will be the first time users will have an ability to own and manage their data at their discretion.  This is the type of data that created enormous value for the likes of Facebook and Google.


Provenance is a blockchain protocol for the financial services industry. It is a permissioned, proof of stake protocol that acts as a global ledger, registry and exchange across assets and markets. Every day, loans are originated, financed, sold and soon - securitized, on Provenance. Members include global financial institutions that act as stakeholders, originators, lenders and someday traders on the blockchain. While starting with loan origination and securitization, the use cases for Provenance are vast and it is currently powering Figure, another TVP investment. 

 A powerful cloud based platform that enables merchants to sell everywhere using mobile devices as well as digital insurance claim processing and payment. Dream’s cloud based payment platform combined with its mobile point of sale device allows merchants to accept credit and debit cards, access rich analytics and reports, and provide digital receipts to customers. Dream has even scaled its offering as a reseller of its core technology to power services by large banks, insurance and credit card companies creating global scale. 

Figure is a financial technology company leveraging blockchain, AI and analytics to deliver home equity lending, reverse mortgages  and other financial products.

Created by the founder of SoFi figure Mike Cagney. Figure sits on a home grown blockchain protocol, Provenance,

which is building a marketplace for the digitization of many financial assets like titles and other financial records

while also enhancing the origination, custody, trading and securitization of assets for institutions.