Tessera Venture Partners is an early stage venture fund investing in transformative companies.  As data continues to grow exponentially each year across industries, the ability to process, interpret and quickly decision upon that data becomes vital to a company’s success. In particular, Tessera has analyzed the finance, healthcare, and media industries in order to understand how valuable data assets can improve inefficient supply chains and siloed lines of businesses. Tessera invests in technologies that allow the power of data to be unleashed for industry. With a management team full of investment, entrepreneurial and operator experience, they know what it takes to spot, nurture and exit from their positions.


First and foremost, we look for companies with exceptional founders having at least one major exit in an area related to their current business. Second we invest in areas ready to explode in 5 years that can unlock the greatest enterprise value. Our unique approach to investing in early stage companies comes from our consultative and operational expertise.  We specialize in big data and have over 30 years of experience and over $10 Billion in acquisitions in the tech industry. Tessera is also a champion of diversity and inclusion and believes that in order to continue finding the next breakthrough companies opportunity must be given to all. It is for this reason that a major portion of our portfolio is composed of firms started by either a female or founder of color.


Few industries combine the use of data , capital and global commerce better than financial services. Since the financial crisis, talent and business ideas have been converging from coast to coast to meet at the intersection of business and technology. Artificial intelligence now makes it possible to take big data and make it actionable. Blockchain developers have seized on opportunities to reduce fees and create transparency.


The digitization of media has been on a rapidly increasing trend over the past decade. The steady convergence between content creators and content distribution platform has been aided by technology heavy weights like Google, Amazon and Netflix. The underlying fabric that weaves all of these companies and the many upstarts is the ability to process data efficiently and actionably. 

The fear of regulation has led many investors to remain wary of investing too heavily in disruptive technology in the healthcare space. However, three main areas Patient Medical Records (PMR), Billing and Medical Reviews could see drastic movement in the next few years as regulation in these areas soften as technology finally provides relief to patients seeking more transparent and reduced fees  and control for their personal information.